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Food for Fitness. Food For Life.

Fresh, nutritional meals designed to complement your fitness and life goals.

We are passionate about providing perfectly prepared meals for clients who are looking to improve their fitness and improve their life.

Deliciously Healthy with Every Bite


Expertly Portioned

Every meal is carefully measured to fit your portion requirements.

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Calorie Controlled

We provide all the nutritional information to keep you within your set caloric range.

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Always Fresh

Our food is cooked the same day we deliver it, guaranteeing fresh, real food every time.


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The Body's Building Blocks

Why we exercise complete nutritional transparency

When it comes to proper nutrition, knowledge is power. At Healthy Meals Plus, we always exercise nutritional transparency so you know exactly what you're putting into your body.


On The Path To Long-Term Health

Our Nutrition and Fitness Philosophy

Our fitness experts believe in the importance of a long-term, nutritious diet, and they key to maintaining a diet long-term is balance. It's important to treat yourself every so often with your favorite foods in order to ensure future nutritional success, and our meals--both individual and catered--reflect that.

Our Clients Say:

"Started eating Healthy Meals Plus and in just two weeks I have lost 18 pounds."

-Tony Catalogna

"By far one of the best meal order companies around. As I'm getting ready for my new contest I feel full and ready for the training sessions ahead."

-Gene Evans

"I have been eating food from these guys for a long time. Keeps getting better and better. Great service and quality of food is outstanding. Highly recommend!"

-Paul Rockwell

Food for Fitness


Food For Life

Love who you are, AND what you eat.